Banega Swasth India: today to celebrate Ghandi Jayanti.

Changes in health can happen quickly, so it is important to maintain it while you are in control. 2nd October - Banegaswastha Bharat is looking forward to being a part of ndtv's annual event "Banega Swasth Bharat" today to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti | Join actor Siddhartha Malhotra on Laksh - Sampoorna Swasthya Ka Telethon today for a session on "Illness-Health Prevention", post questions now, the best questions will be featured during the show. Watch Live at from 9 am According to God's constitution, addition of hatha is futile. It is also prohibited in Gitaji. Only scriptural worship can benefit us. T 4428 - Banega Swasth India | NDTV-Dettl Banega Swasth India launched the ninth season of the campaign with a 12-hour telethon. Join Me Live - Banegaswastha Bharat Today 2nd October, 9 am (IST) on NDTV Network | The stage is all set! Musician and composer Shantanu Maitra and singer Javed Ali are practicing a 12-hour target for their upcoming performance - Samaar Swasthya Ka Telethon.

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