Who is Mr. portrait? Reason behind his popularity on Twitter and YouTube and many details

Who is Mr.portrait on Twitter and Youtube? 

Mr.Potrait is Popular among Twitter Editing Genre. He is known for his picture and video Editing Skills. 

About MR.Portrait 

He is an Picture Editor. This guy Edits picture of movie actors and Actresses. He is from Kerala. india. He is popular for his Editing Skills. He makes HD Wallpapers of Actors and Actresses. He loves to watch movies and Web serieses.  He has a YouTube channel with over 37k subscribers. This boy uploads Video efits on his channel. 


Mr.Portrait is much Popular on Twitter. He has Nearly 7K Followers on Twitter. His Username is @Mr.Portrait22 . He only follows nearly 300 people on Twitter. He is very well Connected with his Followers. This account was made on march 2022. The editor takes Recommendations from his Followers and make what they want. 


This Talented Editor has a YouTube channel. 

It has over 37k Subscribers. He uploads Video Edits on his channel. The channel gets average views. He has uploaded 51 Videos on his channel. He is very good video Editor. This channel has many Video Edits of Movies and Web serieses. 


This boy also has a telegram channel . Where he uploads same content like Twitter and Share his YouTube videos. His telegram channel has more than 3k members. 

Some of his Edits

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