Who is kamal? Reason behind his popularity on Twitter, know about the talented Editor.

Who is Kamal the photo editor on Twitter? 

This guy makes HD pictures of Many Movies and web series. He is very popular on Twitter.

He is an Editor and photographer. Also, he is a big fan of Thalapathy Vijay. The owner of this account's real name is Kamal. 


Currently, Kamal has over 25k Followers on Twitter. This is huge. He only follows nearly 2.5k People on Twitter. 

The love he gets on Twitter is very good. His followers love him because of his editing Skills. He has fabulous editing skills. His RETOUCH COLLECTION is huge and very beautiful. This man always makes what his fans tell him. This editor is very consistent on Twitter.  He uploads daily. At least 4 edits a day. He has another Twitter account, which has over 10k followers.

Vijay Fan

He is one of the biggest Vijay fans on Twitter. Even his Twitter DP is featuring Vijay. The editor uploads many edits on Vijay and his Movies. If anyone scrolls his Twitter account then he will find out, how big a Vijay fan he is. He mostly Edits South Indian Movies. This Account will be known for Edits.

Some of his Edits 

He is getting the love he deserves on Twitter.

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