who is CricketMAN2 On Twitter? All you to need to know about him, Real name, Place, Favourites things

CricketMAN2 is an account on Twitter. Who has over 80k followers on Twitter

About Cricketman2 

CricketMan 2 is very Popular Twitter User with Over 80k Followers. His real name is Tanuj Singh. The boy tweets Cricket news on Twitter. He collects News from Every Sports Media and tweets it. He is one of the biggest Cricket Enthusiasts. He follows cricket from all over the world. This Indian Boy is very popular on Cricket Twitter. 


Tanuj Singh has over 80k Followers on Twitter. He Tweets every Cricket news on it. His twitter user name is @ImTanujSingh The newsboy collects news from all Sports Media and Websites. And Tweets with full Credit in it. He is very much Consistent on Twitter. Tanuj is a very Fast uploader. He gives Instant news on Twitter. His followers love him because of his Instant Cricket News. He tweets almost over 30 Tweets a day. If it's a busy Cricket day, then this number increases Every Time. 

Cricket Enthusiast

He is a real Cricket Enthusiast. Tanuj Follows Cricket since he was a child. He very interested in this sports.  Also on Twitter he interacted with Cricket fans. He loves to watch Cricket. Tanuj Also loves to Talk about Cricket Very Much. That's the main reason behind his popularity on Twitter. 

Virat Kohli Fan 

Tanuj Singh is one if biggest Virat Kohli Fan. He Loves to watch Cricket and talk about it. When it comes to talk about Virat Kohli then he Excitement Increases as always. The Viratian Boy talks about it many times.  Tanuj Singh's Twitter Description also shows that he is Viratian. He says "He is Virat Kohli Fan'' in his Twitter Description.

Other Sports 

Tanuj Singh is cricket news boy. But he sometimes also give news of Other sports. When India Achieves something big in other sports then he also tweets about it. 

Tanuj Singh is getting the love on Twitter which he deserves.

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