Ukraine officially applies to join NATO

Finally, Ukraine President Zelensky is facilitating the process of being a NATO alliance.


 Ukraine is submitting an application for an expedited NATO membership.

That is consistent with Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, most recent speech to the nation. Ukraine has formally asked to join NATO, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, following Moscow's earlier Friday annexation of four Ukrainian territory.

"We are de facto allies already,". "De facto, we have already proven compatibility with Alliance standards." Zelensky said 

"Ukraine is applying to confirm it de jure by an expedited procedure," he stated.

NATO was not immediately able to respond to questions about what Ukraine's “accelerated" application to join the alliance would mean.

Along with Georgia, Ukraine is already regarded as a "aspirant country" for membership in the largest security alliance in the world. For the nation to join, it would require the consent of all 30 NATO members.As it is uncertain which regions of Ukraine would join, the Article 5 defense clause of NATO, which states that all allies must defend any partner whose territory is threatened, would be compromised in the case of Ukraine.

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