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                Rivals of Aether 2

There will be a complete switch from 2D visuals to 3D.Competitive play is still the number one focus. There will be a heavy support for the game’s esports community. As the developer says, “if Rivals 2 is not a mainstage game at Evo 2025, then we will have failed you all.”

There’s no confirmation about its price. The team is still exploring potential business models.

No plans for mod support yet but,  If it happens, this will be post-launch.

There will be  much bigger focus on the single player portion of the game. Will include “single player designs that would offer new experiences for the fighting game genre as a whole”.

Shields will add some new layers to defensive gameplay. Grabs Were also being added. There are ledges too. All of these design changes will make Rivals of Aether 2 feel more familiar to fans of the genre, while also making it more approachable for new starters .

That said, “hitfalling” and the Rivals parry system are making a return.

Rivals of Aether 2 has been officially announced with a release date planned for 2024.

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