Justice for CU girls!

Justice for CU girls 

We are Indians. We believe in democracy and that is reflected in Chandigarh University. When the whole country is in the leaked video of Chandigarh University student accommodation. A video went viral on social media the other day. In fact, the video was a video of the female students of Chandigarh University taking a bath. After this incident, a sensational situation was created in the whole country, youths in various colleges took to the streets, the public strongly condemned the incident, and various political personalities expressed their displeasure with this incident. Today's discussion is only about Chandigarh University for justice for students.
Arinav says," If rape is wrong, then this - what media does in cases such as Chandigarh University mms case is too! Show the face of male who was involved but not of the female who actually filmed & circulated the videos. WOW!Chandigarh University Shimla justice for girls FeminismIsCancer.
Ahmed Khabar said,"Girls are blaming management and police for suppressing the matter, the Girls are protesting continuously for justice . Let's hope they will get justice at Chandigarh University, justice for girls."
In the language of people, "After immense protest by students following the leaked videos scam, the University Authorities accept student demands."

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