Elizabeth olsen will return as wanda maximoff scarlet which in phase 5, some fan theories made by fans

Elizabeth Olsen will return as Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch in Phase 5

Fan theory

She Will Forget her Memories and DR.DOOM will misuse her powers as he did in the house of M. 

But she remembers her kids and vision will be there too. 


The Wonder Man series will be released on Disney Plus in Fall 2024.

Late Summer 2024 is probably Ms Marvel Season 2 to wrap up Phase 5.

Fall of 2024 is Spider-Man Freshman Year to kick off Phase 6.

The other fall show will probably be Okoye.

The Winter show is likely Marvel Zombies.

The Wakanda animated series, the Shang-Chi spin-off series, and/or at least one of these: What If...? Season 3, Spider-Man Sophomore Year, the second batch of I Am Groot shorts, Moon Knight Season 2, She-Hulk Season 2 are probably releasing before Wonder Man

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