Congress has returned the nomination of Ashok Gehlot.

Congress dropped nomination from Ashok Gehlot's presidential election

Umesh Chandra Banerjee was the first president of Congress, later many great people have faithfully held this post. After Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi etc.Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have also held this position And Ashok Gehlot's name was dropped from the nomination for this post. Let's see who's saying what–
●In the words of Amit Malviya,"Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, both held the position of Prime Minister and Congress President, at the same time.
Ashok Gehlot just wants to be Chief Minister along with being the Congress President, if elected.Why should there be different standards for the Gandhis and rest?"
●In the language of Divya Mahipal Maderna,"My Grandfather Late Shri Parsaram Maderna jihad unshakable commitment for congress above personal interest. He had the highest respect for the Congress President. His discipline as a congressman was unbelievable despite being a mass leader under whose leadership 153 seats won ."
●Sanjay Jha says, "Everyone knows the revolt within Rajasthan is engineered by Ashok Gehlot. He disqualifies himself for the post of Congress President automatically. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra must become Congress President, supported by Sachin Pilot and Shashi Tharoor as Working President."
●Rishi Bagree says, "Ashok Gehlot defies Congress High command, refuses to file nomination for the Congress President elections.Gandhis need to search another Ramu Kaka."
●In other words of Supriya Bhardwaj,"Mr. RahulGandhi takes stock of situation in Rajasthan, Sends Mr. Kc Venugopal Mp to Delhi from Kerala. 
Mr Venugopal most likely to meet Congress President today evening."

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