China ‘Mocks’ US Hypersonic Tech With a New Wind Tunnel ‘Success’

 China ‘Mocks’ US Hypersonic Tech With a New Wind Tunnel ‘Success’;

China is said to have made significant progress in testing and developing hypersonic technology. China's revelations came after it launched a hypersonic missile that circled the world and shocked even the United States, and finally China itself claimed that the glide vehicle had fired a submunition into the South China Sea that belonged to China. Because China is making efforts to overtake its adversary, the United States, and they have succeeded in doing so.
  Chinese scientists claim to have launched the world's first wind tunnel capable of testing a full-scale hypersonic missile through the key stages of flight, making China the world's largest hypersonic missile test tunnel. which may be required for performance or testing of rockets and for debugging and troubleshooting of certain hypersonic missiles and fighter jets. China claims that this time they will be able to suppress the world with a much stricter hand.

China has begun work on a very ambitious and advanced JF-22 hypervelocity wind tunnel that will be able to simulate speeds up to Mach 30, or 30 times the speed of sound. China claims that this hypersonic aircraft will be ready by this year to support its space programs. 

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