100 days to Bhaijaan's Birthday: Salman Khan

100 Days To Go For The 57th Birth Anniversary of The Biggest Megastar of Indian Cinema, One & Only Salman Khan.

The man who has always spread Smiles and happiness, who has always followed the path of Being Human & has also inspired millions to do the same, a Man who has the purest heart! No words can ever do justice to what He has done for humanity.

Salman Khan is the perfect example of a superstar with raw stardom, whose fan following will stay intact irrespective of the film’s quality. And to have such a loyal fan following in the social media age is in itself an achievement.

Salman khan is the most handsome actor not only in Bollywood but even in the world. Undoubtedly the most handsome man is our Bhaijaan and no one comes close to him. His stunningly good looks and overall personality always influence me. 

For inspiring millions of us, giving us so many memorable characters to cherish for life, entertaining us & making us all proud. Journoindia loves you to the moon and back. May you have a blast at Box-office & keep shining.

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