Who is in the spaceship in marvel's She hulk new Clip? Fan makes some theories

Who is in the spaceship of the new She-Hulk clip? 

Fan theory #1

 Some say it's Grandmaster's Ship 

It looks familiar. Grandmaster, who was featured in Thor: Ragnarok for the first time. 

Some fan thinks that this is one of his ships. But this ship was used by Valkyrie also. It is not sure. 

Same design. Probably a popular dealership in the galaxy that sells them. Perhaps a brand and this person just happens to have the Ford Fiesta for spaceships

Fan Theory 2#

Marvel fans are so good to get things Crazy. They always make crazy theories. 

Some fan thinks that there will be Skaar in this spaceship.

Son of Hulk, Sakaarson, World Breaker, Killer of Killers, Hulk, Santos.

made his first appearance in regular Marvel Comics continuity in November 2007's issue of World War Hulk 5.

Fan theory #3 

Beta Ray bill.

What if Beta Ray Bill used to be the #1 champion until the hulk beat him and now that hulk is gone, the grandmaster sent Beta Ray Bill to bring him back? Beta would be angry with Hulk for taking his place as the best gladiator and the conflict between him and hulk could be awesome.

Fan theory #4 

Red Hulk

 Some fan thinks that this show might end up giving us Red Hulk for The Thunderbolts. I know that the actor died but Bruce been has in control of Hulk for too long.

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