Underworld gangwars release date and review of trailer.

India's First Biggest Battle Royale Game Underworld Gangwars. 

According to sources, the game has become very popular not only in India but also in several countries around India. Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan has gained popularity in several countries of North Asia, including the nature country. Play Store announced in one of its Twitter posts that, India's first game has received the most pre-registrations, which means that this game is going to be India's best game of all time.But how far this boundary will be will be understood after the release of the game.The trailer of this game released by mahen studio has been praised in the world market. On the day of the release of the trailer of this game, when Taylor was released, there were present all the gamers of India. Now we will discuss all the content shown in the trailer of this game and clear all your doubts. Hopefully you can read our article to know the most and comprehensively about this game trailer and what is actually going to happen inside this game.

Many have only focused on the trailer to explain the game. But we will judge the content of this game from the very first post on the official website and official twitter account of JournoIndia Underground Gangswar till today.

An image of the crown was first posted on the official Twitter account. Which is given below--
 At that time, no accurate information was known about this crown. During the trailer release, Vocaltuli's leader Tyagi Bhai can be seen hitting one of the crowned persons with a hammer. Again in the image released on the Play Store, both sides have such crowns. So, it is sure that this crown is actually the helmet of pubg ,free fire, BGMI.

Two gangsters are mentioned here. One is the Emperor of Vocaltuli Tyagi and the other is the King of Velvet Barish. Pre-registration on the Play Store shows that registrants will be given a hammer, bike and gun skin. Again, the position of the hammer at the beginning of the trailer suggests that the only weapon of the Emperor of Vocaltuli is the hammer. But later in a battle scene, Samrat Tyagi of Vocaltuli is seen with a gun in one hand.

An image of the map released by the official twitter of Underground Gangswar shows that the map has been divided into two parts and given to two gangsters. So it is certain that there is no third gangster or gang present here. But there is a possibility of police presence.

Tyagi Bhai, the leader of Bhogaltuli, is seen wearing a lungi, a sando genji and a shirt, and in his hands are several bows and threads. On the reverse, Barish has a watch in his hand and his clothes are expensive blazer and pants. If you look at Barish, you can see that several parts of his face are tattooed and 'sleep' is written in one part. The meaning is completely unknown for now. Because what Mayhem studio meant by that is not fully known.

A squad at a place means four people.Again, when the two gangs come to the bridge in the middle of the trailer, there are at least 15 people present.
In a part of the trailer, Tyagi Bhai has a bike and Barish has a jeep. From this it can be understood that Velvet is slightly more advanced than Vocaltuli.

●Our opinion:-
Regardless of the content of the game, it is the biggest battle royale game in India. More importantly, it showcases the heritage of India. So it will be widely accepted by all.
The office has not informed anything about the release date of the game. When notified, you will be the first to know on our website.

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