Top 10 Animation YouTube channel of India 2022 with details

Top 10 Animation YouTube channels of India 2022

Here are some best animation YouTuber of India. Who has best animation style and a good subscriber base . this is the top 10 of India. At this moment these YouTubers are ruling indian Animation youtube community .


SICK NIK is an animation YouTuber of India who is in this community. He created his channel last year, 1 July 2021. Currently, he has 14.9 K Subscribers. The channel has only 2 videos on it.


Desk show is another example of, Good animator. His Animation style is much better. Currently, he got 2.1 Lakh subscribers. He is getting 1.2 lakh plus views in every Video. He joined youtube in 2019. 


Puff Talks is well-known animation YouTuber. He is like a mainstream animation YouTuber.

This channel has 2.3 Lakh subscribers. It is getting more views than its subscriber numbers.  He uploaded his first video in 2019. His animation is much better.


Mango boi is one of the most popular Animation YouTubers in India. He has 2.5 lakh Subscribers.  He used to upload much Criticism and analyse videos of other YouTubers. But now he is uploading storytime videos. He is getting much better views. He uploaded his first Video in 2019. 


Animator Bhai is one of the best animation YouTubers of this time. His animation level is very high. But he is underrated. He got 85k Subscribers with 45 videos on his channel.  

5. Angry Prash 

The angry crash is the most subscribed animation YouTube channel in India and also one of the most popular YouTubers in India. He is getting millions of views. He has more than 6 Million Subscribers. He got popular in 2019. There are many fans, who are waiting for his face reveal. 

His animation level is getting higher.


HardToonz is the top animation YouTuber in India.  In Ongoing time be is one of the most growing YouTubers. He has nearly 6 Lakh Subscribers with just 10 videos on his channel. He is getting millions of views in his per video. His animation style and voice are so good. 


Lil Yash has got the most unique Animation style. His channel is growing so fast nowadays. 

He has only 8 videos on the channel and 1 lakh, Subscribers. He is getting over lakhs of views in his every Video. This boy uploaded his first video on this channel just 4 months ago. He joined YouTube in March 2022. 

2. Not Your Type 

Not your type is an animation YouTuber with the most beautiful voice. Also, his animation style is good. That's why he is at the top. This channel is growing so fast. It is getting views more than a million in every video. Most people love his voice and talking style. He has another channel with over 5 lakh Subscribers. This boy uploaded his first video last year. And now he has 42 videos on his channel. 

Well, 2 Youtubers can get first place. that's why we will place them together in the first place.


Kirtichow is the top animation channel in India. His animation style and Talking style are so good. His videos are always good enough. fans always enjoy his videos. This boy has 8.6 lakh subscribers to his channel with 58 videos in his channel. He uploaded his first video 4 years ago. 


R.G bucket list is the best Animation YouTuber of India, you can say greatest animation YouTuber of India. His Animation is top-notch. Every small Animation YouTuber starts his channel by watching his videos. Everyone wants to make animation like him. He got 2.1 Million subscribers to his channel with just 15 videos. He uploaded his first video 5 years ago . he is getting so much recognition that he deserved. 

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