TATA QRFV, Tata Armored Military Vehicles & It's Export Right or Wrong

 Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle All Specification & Update;


This vehicle come with bullet to metal sheet and glass and it also bomb prove military vehicle. This vehicle made a single sheet material so it protect bullet at 90° upto any surface.It is also capable of resisting bullets coming from a distance of 10 to 5 meters.

QRFV full form is Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle.

It's length is 21 feet and 8 feet wide. It come 315 mm. It's a very heavy engine 240 HP,4X4.

This vehicle weight is 14 ton and it carry 2 ton accessories. After this heavy load these vehicle run 80 km/hour speech.

Tata used for this vehicle run flat tyre. It help recover any puncture and any damage for tyre. Also a extra tyre comes with this vehicle.

The vehicle has ten positions from which soldiers can fire and a 360-degree rotating machine gun that provides protection to soldiers with a cover.

Besides, this vehicle is capable of running on any road with the help of satellite and it has advanced thermal camera and night vision camera.

Wind filter machine is used in this vehicle. which prevents the toxic gases produced by an explosion outside from entering the tank with the air.

Made in India. This special vehicle manufacture by Tata Pune factory. Already Tata send some unit in galvan ghati for safety purpose our Indian army.

Is that right or wrong to export this vehicle-
Tata already export this vehicle 2 unit, US army import this vehicle for there African military.

Some people say it's a very good idea to improve Indian defence budget increase. Now it will play an important role in creating the next state-of-the-art varietal. And will help in maintaining good foreign relations.

Again, like many others, this medicine can become known about its weakness if it is used abroad. So it can be dangerous for soldiers.

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