Tarik Celik has joined Sentinels! What was the reaction of Sen Weltis?

A new surprise in the Esports world! 

Tarik Celik has joined a famous North American Esports company called Sentinels. Around his joining, there has been a huge excitement and controversy in the world of Esports. Let's see what the famous gamer Sen Weltis said about this incident----
He said, "First they sign the kid WeltisGames, now tarik. Impossible to say which is the more GOATED signing (both have equal clout) Sentinels are killing it!"
According to sources, Tarik Celik has joined Esports organization Sentinels as a content creator. Viewers are finding it surprising that a renowned Esports gamer, who streams daily, suddenly joined an Esports organization as a content creator.
Sentinels CEO Rob Moore told journoindia's that his organization is “committed to dominating VALORANT the way TSM and G2 did for League.” 

Also let, you know that Sentinels have released a jersey! which is linked below---

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