Three AK-47 rifles and bullets found off Raigad coast in Maharashtra

Suspicious boat with 3 AK-47 rifles and bullets found off Raigad coast in Maharashtra

Three AK-47 guns and their ammunition were found in a suspicious boat off the coast of Raigad, Maharashtra, on Thursday.

There was a boat without a crewman in Shrivardhan, some 190 kilometers from Mumbai.

Senior police officers and Deputy Superintendent of Police Ashok Dudhe were dispatched to the scene of the accident to begin an urgent search of the boat.
Senior officers from the Raigad Police Department and other government organizations searched the boat.

On the boat, three AK-47 weapons and a few ammunition were discovered, and the police were continuing their investigation.
According to officials, the boat's crew was recovered in June of this year close to the Omani shore.

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