Nupur Sharma finally got justice.

Nupur Sharma finally got justice.

                            Sources form Twitter 
The Delhi High Court dismissed the FIR filed by the SA Club against Nupur Sharma as a false complaint. The opposition is unhappy with such a decision of the High Court. But from the general public to the top leadership of BJP applauded the incident. Let's see what the general public is saying---

■ In the words of Sunil Singh,"Finally some justice for her!Hopefully Delhi HC would act fast and give her complete justice by quashing all FIRs.
In the meantime, the Center should enhance her protection. Too many threats for her."

■ In the language of Gobind Singh Supreme Court will Club all FIR in Delhi. That will be the verdict. "

■ AK Mishra says,"welcome Sister."

■ Aryaman said,"Order to SC from the supreme leaders."

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