Noida twin towers are being demolished.

The Naida Twin Towers of Uttar Pradesh are being demolished from the chest of India. 

The government is the parents of the country and the decision of the parents can never harm the children. Parents prevent harm to their children even if they harm themselves. Therefore, the government of India has decided to destroy the twin towers of Naida in Uttar Pradesh by pressing stones on the chest. According to researchers, the presence of Naida Twin Towers is extremely harmful for animals and birds. And the Government of India has decided to save nature and animals from this harmful situation. Before the Naida Twin Towers collapsed, all people from neighboring houses were evacuated to shelters and pets from neighboring houses were taken to a shelter run by an NGO.

At this moment, according to sources, all the explosives have been inserted into the Naida Twin Towers of Uttar Pradesh. We at journoindia are with you with live updates. Keep an eye on our website to learn more.

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