Mr. Beast has landed in India, biggest collaboration Video might come

World biggest Individual YouTube creator Mr. beast has landed in India today

There were some rumors that he will come to India and make a project in India. He has so many Subscribers from India. 2 months ago He created a Mr. Beast Hindi Channel for India. 

From that time rumors were flowing that he will come to India.

Finally Mr.Beast has landed in India Today. He shared a Instagram Story that he is coming here.he was in the flight.

He said that he was visiting India fir the first time. Everything can happen. He can come to visit his fans and meet up. But Fans Don't think this is real. Because Weeks ago 8Bit Thug the Indian Gamer Tweeted something about Mr.Beast. 

Animesh Agarwal Said "Mr.Beast should plan a Video here in India. The creator community is huge here with Insane audience  It could turn up as the most viewed video for sure. "

Under the tweet, Mr. Beast replied him 

"I’m down, who should I collab with?"

Animesh Agarwal again replied, "Could be discussed on mail/dms ! Could make this as big as possible with the entire pool of creators. I could lead this for you easily locally P.S :We are nominated as content team of the year with 50+ creators and can connect you with 100+ others easily for execution.

Many YouTuber reacted to this. Fans were very excited from the day. They are hoping a big project from Mr.Beast.

Fans are saying this is gonna be the biggest collaboration Video for Indoan Youtube. 

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