I Am Groot review: it is adorable and hilarious

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I am Groot Review: Marvel's Adorable Short Series, What It's Like To Live As A Baby Superhero.

 I Am Groot shorts are hilariously creative with a surprising touch of dark humour…Fans love them.

I am Groot is a quick n easy, fun watch. Wouldn’t be mad if we got more of these shorts. 

I've just watched the I am Groot shorts .. We already knew he was cute (still is) but damn, the boy has temper and he is a little vengeful as well .  Fans Loved it, 10 minutes of joy and cuteness.

I Am Groot is an adorable and funny series of shorts sending Groot on entertaining adventures. The CG is impressive with a realistic style that tries to match the movies.

All shorts are now on Disney Plus.

Hilarious and adorable…I am Groot is off-kilter stack of cuteness and brilliant adventures of GROOT himself.

Duration of the 5 episodes of I Am Groot

• Groot's First Steps - 04:03 minutes

• The Little Guy - 03:52 minutes

• Groot's Pursuit - 03:59 minutes

• Groot Takes in Bath - 04:06 minutes

• Magnum Opus - 03:50 minutes

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This is something that's been in demand for a long time. Since 2014 if fans are allowed to go that far... people wanted to see baby Groot doing grooting and it's acceptable that you have a problem with it. Don't expect you can take a lot of people off the bandwagon.

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