marvel studios will announce 4 new movies and many series in D23 Expo

Marvel Studios will announce 4 new movies at D23

1.A first look at The Marvels will be shown at D23. 

2. The project dedicated to Nova will be announced at D23

3. The cast of Thunderbolts will be announced at D23

Old News- There will be over 10 projects that will be announced at The D23 Expo and the cast and director for The FantasticFour will be announced and #Thunderbolts cast will be announced, Footage for several projects will be shown. 

At D23 Marvel Studios will announce:

• The cast and director of FantasticFour

• The cast of #Thunderbolts

• The Wonder Man series

• The project dedicated to Nova

• The Halloween special

• Shang-Chi 2

• Deadpool 3

• Armor Wars

D23 is coming and here are some of our predictions on the announcements:

• Cruella 2

• Frozen 3

• Tower Of Terror

• Lilo & Stitch (Live-Action)

• Maleficent 3

• Pirates Of The Caribbean

Marvel Studios’ Wonder Man is looking to begin filming next year. Marvel is also searching for a big name for the lead.

Matt Shakman (Director of Wandavision) will direct Fantastic Four.

The film is set to release November 2024.

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