Gaza under attack: Israel bombed in gaza strip 24 killed including 6 children, death toll.

 Israel, Gaza militants trade fire as death toll climbs to 24

In the Gaza Strip, Israel jets bombed all over the Gaza Strip, killing at least 24 Palestinians, including many children and women. The bomb blast on Saturday killed at least six children in the Jabaliya refugee camp. According to Hamas, Israel is responsible for the death toll in the Gaza Strip.

six children died

A video of the bomb blast is given in the next

Yet Israeli officers denied and confirmed those explosions were due to a failed rocket launch by Islamic Jihad. 
Journo India could not verify those claims immediately.

Palestine missiles

Over 204 people have been injured in this attack, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. In reaction to the bombing, Palestinian fighters have launched more than 400 rockets. However, most of the rockets are destroyed by Israel, causing no serious casualties.

Palestinian boy kissing her mother

It is the most violent conflict between Palestine and Israel since the last battle in 2020.

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