Hiroshima Day 2022: History , significance


DAY 2022

Atomic blast in Hiroshima

 August is an especially festive month, but it also has a tragic past. The tragedy made the whole world discombobulated and created a new order of power in the world of International politics. 

Yes, I am talking about the Nuclear bomb explosion of Japan's Hiroshima on August 6th. World War II ended with the deployment of the first nuclear bomb by the USA, making the whole world stunned The number of people killed instantly was approximately 80000, and the number of people injured was more than 35000. 

Picture of Hiroshima after the atomic explosion

In addition to causing structural damage, the bombast also causes psychological damage. Approximately 70% of the buildings in Japan were instantly destroyed, according to a report from a Japanese official.

Nuclear war is both destructive and heartbreaking, and 6th August is a day to remind everyone how destructive and heartbreaking it can be. 

August 6 rally

In Japan, 6th august is observed as Hiroshima day. The day promotes peace politics. It is now 71 tears since thousands lost their lives in a single bomb blast. However, the city was immediately abandoned after the bomb blast. Now it has made a strong comeback in terms of infrastructure and human resources. Hiroshima city is renowned as a peaceful city.

picture of a building ruined by a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima

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