Raksha bandhan 2022,The History of Raksha Bandhan

The History of Raksha Bandhan

different type of  Rakhi 

As the month of august came, Indian from all over the world get anxious to know the date of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Bandhan. This festival celebrates brother and sister's love and depicts a wonderful relationship. India has been celebrating this festival for 5000 years. This year Rakhi is going to start from 11 am to? There is a great deal of flamboyance associated with Raksha Bandhan in India.

 This festival has a very special story. The journo of India presents the story of Raksha Bandhan:

It is written in Mahabharata. Shri Krishna had an aunt name Suthdevi. She gave birth to a specially able child called Shishupala. Elders told that his son will be killed by that person who will make his son normal. One day Lord Krishna came to his aunt's house, Suthdevi gave his child into the hand of Krishna. The child got cured and became more handsome. Krishna's aunt was happy to see his kid, later she was sad to remember that curse. So she pleaded with Krishna to pardon his child in any critical situation where he deserves to be punished.  Krishna promised her but she mention a condition that Krishna will pardon his 100 mistakes, but if he crosses the limit he will be killed by Krishna. 
After many years, shishupala was now a king and as well as a relative of great Krishna. but he was very brutal and often torture his people. He often used to conflict with Krishna.

Shri Krishna

one day, he started to abuse Krishna with slang and harsh language. Krishna started to count Shishupala's last few mistakes. once he crossed the limit of 100 mistakes, Krishna threw his Sudarshan chakra and killed Shishupala. During this process, everyone noticed that one of Krishna's fingers was bleeding. everyone started to find some piece of clothing to tie around his finger. Draupadi tore up his saree and give part to tie Krishna's finger. Krishna assured Draupadi that Krishna will help him too when she will be in danger. Since then the little piece of saree that was tied around the finger of Krishna by Draupadi was called rakhi. every year sisters tied a rakhi around her brother's hand and the brothers promised their beloved sister to protect them from any kind of danger.

brother and sisters enjoying Raksha

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