Congress Protest Delhi LIVE Updates: Rahul, Priyanka detained during Congress protest against price rise

 Congress Protest Delhi LIVE Updates:


Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have been detained by police when they were staging a protest against the policies of the ruling party. A video of Priyanka Gandhi crossing the barricade.

All India Congress is continuously staging protests all over India. According to them, this protest is necessary to reduce Inflammation and the hike in daily items price in the era of the BJP. Their protest is against the rising GST and the unemployment issue. Rahul Gandhi stated, "India is witnessing death democracy."

Some leaders alleged that the congress protest is none but anguish to prevent the Enforcement Directory from questioning Congress's president Sonia Gandhi and MP, Rahul Gandhi over a case related to the National Herald newspaper issue.

Priyanka Gandhi
source twitter

According to Rahul Gandhi, “All the MPs were on their way to Rashtrapati Bhavan to raise the issue of price rise. But we’re not being allowed to go any further. Our job is to raise public issues. Some MPs have been detained. Some were also beaten.”

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