Breaking : The cast of the new Fantastic Four will be announce soon and some rumors about cast

BREAKING: The cast of the new Fantastic Four will be announced on D23 Expo in September 9th.

There is a rumor of Penn badgley, he can play the role of Reed Richard. 

Two names have been flowing in the internet for the MCU’s Sue Storm, which include ex-Supergirl Melissa Benoist and Stranger Things’ Natalie Dyer.

Matt Shakman (Director of Wandavision) will direct Fantastic Four. 

The film is set to release November 2024.

Other announcement 

At D23 Marvel Studios will announce:

• The cast and director of Fantastic Four

• The cast of Thunderbolts

• The Wonder Man series

• The project dedicated to Nova

• The Halloween special

• Shang-Chi 2

• Deadpool 3

• Armor Wars

The Punisher 

The Punisher will have a series on Disney+. Jon Bernthal will return as Frank Castle and the series will be TV-MA. The series will be announced at D23. 

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