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Best 2 Assault Rifle name with description (FN SCAR and HECKLER & KOCH HK416)

The term assault rifle is generally attributed to the great Adolf Hitler, who, for propaganda purposes, used the German word Sturmgewehr (which translates to "assault rifle"). An assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable long magazine. Assault rifles were first put into mass production and accepted into widespread service during  the deadly World War II.  Here are some details of the best 2 assault rifles in the world-

. FN SCAR (Belgium)- The FN SCAR modular assault rifle which was developed by the famous Belgian Fabrique Nationale to meet the requirement, issued by the US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM). The US Special Forces requested a new combat rifle which could be available in different calibers. The FN SCAR modular assault rifle platform was designed from the scratch. It is not based on any other previous designs. It is operated by a gas selective fire weapon. There are two baseline models like - the SCAR-L (light), chambered for 5.56x45 mm rounds and the SCAR-H (heavy) chambered for a more powerful 7.62x51 mm ammunition. Other chamberings include a Soviet 7.62x39 mm round.

. Heckler & Koch HK416 (Germany)- The HK416 assault rifle  which was developed by Heckler & Koch company in the 1990s to meet US Army's Delta Force requirement. It is an improved version of the M4 carbine that is widely used by the US military. The HK416 is independently made and modified. Currently the HK416 is used by more than 20 countries, mainly by special forces and law enforcement agencies.The HK416 has a Picatinny-type scope rail and can be used with various scopes. Furthermore there is accessory rail on all four sides of the forearm. Most current accessories for the M4 and M16 can be used on the HK416, including a 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher.

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