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Best energy drinks of India which are dominating the market
Sales of the energy drinks have been growing at a rate of around 5% every year since 2013. Red Bull continues to dominate as the energy drink leader, with Monster (original) which is the second most popular drink.

The Red Bull Summer edition made its appearance at number 5 in 2021 (replacing Monster ultra).

Bang and Red Bull Sugarfree are zero sugar drinks. Showing the increasing consumer demand to reduce calories in these beverages.
Global Top 10 Energy Drink Brands
In 2020 the worldwide market size for energy drinks was $US 61 billion. These are global brands ranked by market share, owning company, and place of incorporation.


Red Bull – Red Bull GmbH (Austria)
Monster – Monster Beverage Corp (USA)
Red Bull – TC Pharmaceutical Industry Co Ltd (Thailand)
Rockstar – Acquired by PepsiCo (USA)
Eastroc Super Drink – Shenzhen Eastroc Beverage Co Ltd (China)
Hi-Tiger – Fujian Dali Food Co Ltd (China)
Lucozade – Suntory Holdings Ltd (Japan)
NOS – Monster Beverage Corp (USA)
Oronamin – Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd (Japan)
Burn – Coca Cola Company (USA)
Monster Beverage Corp – sold $5.54 billion worth of drinks in 2021 (up 20.5% from previous year).

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