Anna Mani honored Google Doodle by Google in her 104th birth anniversary

Google Honors Indian Physicist and Meteorologist Anna Mani with Google Doodle ,Google honored Anna Mani on her 104th birth anniversary.

This incident created a precedent for Indian scientists and meteorologists. This fact proves that the price of talent is higher than the actual degree. It is worth mentioning that Anna Mani was a physicist and had no post-graduate degree in physics, which is why the college did not award her a PhD even though she submitted her thesis.
Anna Mani was born in Yar Mere, Kerala on 23 August 1918. She was the first Indian woman to read all the books in a public library at the age of 12. Subsequently, he did his master's degree in chemistry in 1939 from a college in then Madras. Joined the Indian Institute of Science in 1940. In 1945, he joined the Imperial College of London to study physics and published several research papers from there.Later he did a lot of research and success on meteorological instruments. After India's independence, he joined the India Meteorological Department in Delhi as Director General and retired from there in his later life. He finally passed away on August 16, 2001.

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