75th Independence Day of India

Just wait for a while. Only a few more hours! India is about to enter its 75th birthday.

 After nearly a hundred years of struggle, the blood of hundreds of martyrs, the honor of mothers and sisters, after the independence of the home, people are ready for the festival on this 75th Independence Day of India. After independence, one ruler after another has sat in the Indian parliament. Some of them have died due to injury. A poet said, protecting freedom is more difficult than achieving freedom.Some fathers, some husbands, some children have sacrificed themselves in the Kargil war to protect this freedom. One after another the strugglers have taken this country to the top by sacrificing their lives. But the struggle is not only in the battlefield, India has progressed in the humanitarian field as well. From science to history and literature, India is universal to the world today. On the occasion of India's 75th Independence Day, all the railway trains have honored the lifetime martyrs of India.From Delhi's Red Fort to the Parliament building, each is colored in the Tiranga . Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested all the people of India to present the Tiranga as their profile picture on all their social media through Har Ghar Tiranga quote. And through this presentation, India is going to create a new history.

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