6 films have now crossed $700M at the worldwide box office this year and many more updates from Hollywood

6 films have now crossed $700M at the worldwide box office this year 

🍿 Top GunbMaverick

🍿 Jurassic World 3

🍿 Doctor Strange 2

🍿 The Batman

🍿 Minions 2

🍿 Thor Love And Thunder 

Ezra Miller 

Warner Bros Discovery is considering 3 options for The Flash 

Ezra Miller gives an interview explaining their erratic behavior and does limited press

2️⃣ Ezra Miller plays no part in the film’s promotion and the role gets recast

3️⃣ The film gets completely scrapped. 

X box 

Xbox is accusing Sony of paying developers 'block fees' to keep games off Xbox Game Pass. 

Logan Paul

Daniel Kaluuya doesn't understand why anyone cares about Logan Paul's thoughts on Nope Film

"Why is his opinion top of the tree? ... What's he done in cinema?"

Stranger Things 5

Matt Duffer says “we love introducing new characters. We’re doing our best to resist doing it for StrangervThings Season 5. We’re trying not to do that so we can focus on the OG characters.”


Zoe Terakes has been cast in the Disney+ ‘IRONHEART’ series.

Joker 2

The budget of Joker 2 will be 150M dollar. 

Lady Gaga will be paid $10M for starring as Harley Quinn. 

Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips will be paid $20M each.

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