5 new cabinet minister of west bengal !!!

Partha Chatterjee was ousted from the cabinet by the decision of the ruling party after Partha Arpita's arrest. Former Education Minister Partha Chatterjee was currently the Industries and Development Minister.

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 In addition, he had the ministerial posts of three other departments of the cabinet. The ruling party removed him from that position.In such a situation, the statement of the opposition party is that "the ruling party has taken such a decision to save its own back."

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However, the ruling party did not comment on this. Although Kunal Ghosh's statement is somewhat like this, if Partha Chatterjee is kept in the party, he will leave the party. After Partha Chattopadhyay's ministry was taken away today, 5 Trinamool leaders were given the ministry. And those who are in the list of these five are--

1: Newly returned to the party Sangsad Babul Supriyo

2: Udaion Guha

3: Partha Bhowmik

4: Snehashish Chakraborty

5: Pradeep Majumdar

Trinamool Congress central president Abhishek Banerjee said at a press conference that "new faces will emerge in the cabinet this time." His statement created a sensational situation in West Bengal political circles. It is said that Abhishek Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress chief leader, is the last word of the party.

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Even Mamata Banerjee is called a wooden doll by her opponents.According to them, Abhishek Banerjee is controlling this wooden puppet.

After taking the oath of office today, this statement has become more muddied. But today's topic is not that statement!

Let's see what Babul Supriya says---"Life has come full circle. It was last year in August when I left (BJP), and today I am sworn in as a minister of the West Bengal government. I will work hard for the development of the."

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