Xiaomi will launch his first car in August

                    Xiaomi EV Car

Like all other companies Xiaomi, has succeeded in creating its own electric vertical car and maybe we will see the car of the future in 2024. 

Mi EV Car

#Lei Jun earlier (Xiaomi CEO) announce that the car is a futuristic and unbelievable model.

Lei Jun earlier (Xiaomi CEO)

Breaking all mobile phone sales and price records, Xiaomi was the first to bring new feature phones to the market. But what to see now is how Xiaomi's car affects the market compared to all other electric vehicles. According to sources, in August, Xiaomi will bring the full details of this car to everyone through an event and give a clear idea about its release date.

But Xiaomi may have to face a big problem. Because the Indian market is one of the largest markets in the world where all types of products and companies of the world have established themselves. Among them are domestic companies, such as Tata ,Maruti, which have already occupied a large space in the Indian market. In particular, Tata has made  new models in a row and one next year and one for 2025. Seeing how all Indians are keeping distance from Chinese products, it is doubtful how this electric car will make an impact in the Indian market.

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