USA bowed to India

 The US will never impose sanctions on India. A few days ago, US lawmakers approved a special CAATSA waiver for India. They stated that the US will not impose any section on India for purchasing the S-400 missile defense system from Russia.

The US already imposed sanctions against Russia for selling S-400. So there was a chance of imposing secondary sanctions on India too. Already, the US had imposed sanctions on Turkey and China for purchasing S-400 from Russia under the CAATSA act.

There could be no better way to demonstrate the power of India's foreign policy than by this event. A vote was organized in the United States Parliament to make some changes to the CAATSA Act in consideration of India. India will not be punished under the CAATSA act. India is the first country to be given the CAATSA waiver.

 All of these actions are being taken by the US to prevent Chinese aggression against this world. Despite this, India had never accorded any importance to the CAATSA act.

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