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Tor Browser 11.5 allows users to automatically bypass censorship:

Tor Browser • The Tor Project • Web browser • HTTPS

Connection Assist, which was introduced in version 11.5, uses the automatic bridge configuration deemed to be ideal for several nations where the privacy-first browser has been restricted, including Belarus, China, Russia, and Turkmenistan.

Simpler access:

Before, users had to navigate the Tor network's settings to figure out how to build a bridge on their own.

Tor isn't always censored, though. A certain pluggable bridge or transport configuration could be successful in one nation but fail in another.
Another feature of the most recent version is the adoption of HTTPS-Only as the default on the desktop version of the browser.

Other changes:

This year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation deprecated the HTTPS-Everywhere extension and replaced it with a different one after determining that the great majority of websites are now HTTPS-secure by default. At first, Tor Browser came with HTTPS-Everywhere.

Tor Browser, which is based on Firefox, added HTTPS-Only Mode in November 2020, following Mozilla's launch of it.

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