The US ordered Mumbai port to block Russian ships

The US ordered Mumbai port to block Russian ships:

US consulate in Mumbai ordered the Mumbai port authority not to allow the Russian cargo ships near Mumbai international port. 

To discourage the import of cheap crude oil from Russia, the US consulate general in Mumbai wrote to the Mumbai port authority. The Mumbai port authority wrote to the director of shipping for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene.

The foreign ministry stated, 

"It is new Delhi’s sovereign right to deal with global partners in the national interest.”

As the USA got tougher on one of their key allies India, this stance stirred up a lot of criticism in India's media. Many well-minded journalists in the USA also condemned this short-sighted foreign policy, to boot.

Derek.J.Grossman twitted, 

"Seems Biden admin has shifted tactics when pressuring India. Instead of speaking directly to New Delhi, the US consulate in Mumbai writes a letter to Mumbai Port Authority to bar Russian ships. Of course, New Delhi found out. The silly move by the US.

The latter USA mentioned that the statement of the consulate was completely personal and that the USA was not behind him. However, many professionals think that it was intentionally made.

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