The governor returned the bill passed in the assembly!

The Governor re-entered the politics of Bengal. After Mamata Banerjee's Sahitya Akademi Award, this time the Governor expressed his displeasure over his debut as Acharya. So he returned the bill passed by the assembly. Let's find out what happened in reality?
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When Mamata Banerjee won the Sahitya Akademi Award for her poem 'Apang Opang Jhapang', everyone from the general public to the top leaders became angry with the present government. In such a situation, Ratna Rashid Banerjee returned his Sahitya Akademi Award. Which is a scandalous event in the history of whole  literature in the world . The Trinamool Congress attacked Ratna Rashid Banerjee with foul language for returning this award.

After that, whatever the opposition does, I will attack the government even if it does not oppose it. Former state president of the opposition Dilip Ghosh likens it to insanity. Leader of the Opposition in the current Legislative Assembly Shuvendu Adhikari said for Mamata Banerjee's poem "O God lift me up!"

This time a famous and Ugly YouTuber entered into this incident. Roddur Roy scolded Mamata Banerjee, Abhishek Banerjee and Bratya Basu for winning the award of MamataBanerjee. Although according to many he is right.

Ninety percent of Bengalis say, "His language is a bit offensive, but the words are useful enough for society."

In the words of tollywood actor Tathagata Mukherjee, "If Roddur Roy is currently being held in police custody for blasphemy, why didn't the state government say anything when he treated Rabindranath like that? In fact, everything he said is true."However, while all the actors and actresses are supporting Roddur Roy's statement, Emon Chakraborty said, "Even if no actor stands up for a woman, I will stand up. I think the role of the state government is justified in making Roddur Roy's statement really unbearable for a woman."

On Monday, the state government passed a bill from the assembly and sent it to the governor, but the governor returned the bill without signing it, saying it was not entirely correct. "If the Acharya of the Central University has become the Prime Minister, why not the Acharya of the State Universities?There are also many cases in which the governor has acted against the rules. The governor has not allowed the universities to function properly. Therefore, the inauguration of the Chief Minister as Acharya is inevitable this time. "

In the words of Subendhu Adhikari-"The Cabinet has approved the decision of the bill but we have registered our protest. BJP got 57 votes but showed 40 , There was fraud here too. I am sure the Governor will not approve the bill and will send the bill to Delhi. It will be with us  in New Delhi just like the Legislative Council, renaming West Bengal to Bengali"

Trinamool Minister Dr. Shashi Paja tweeted sarcastically that Shuvendu Adhikari's statement that I am completely surprised to see that BJP has brought independent role and organization under their various strategies! First the CBI and now the Governor of Bengal! Justice and fairness cannot be found anywhere during the rule of Narendra Modi. ”

At the moment, there is no response from the general public. Political figures believe that Mamata Banerjee's decision could lead to a grassroots defeat in the next Assembly elections. But what will happen in the future?

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