Stuart Broad Just bowled the most expensive over in test History

The 5th Test match between India VS England is going on in Birmingham. And India was batting first. After 5 quick Wickets, Pant and Jadeja saved India from a batting collapse. Pant Scored a beautiful Century with a healthy Strike rate and Jadeja also Scored a valuable Century. After they both Got Out, Captain Bumrah comes in as a tailender and gave a quick Fire of 31 runs in just 16 balls.
Stuart Broad was the bowling. He gave The most expensive over of all time in the test History. Bumrah hit the first and second ball for boundaries and the third one was for a six with the no-ball, again 3 Boundaries in a row and another 6 in the last ball. 
 4,4,6,4,4,4,6 was the over summary, and the total run was  35. It was a 7 ball over.
The history of the most expensive overs in Test cricket history is extraordinary. The 2nd most expensive over was given by Robert Peterson (2003 against SA ) and James Anderson ( 2013 against Aus), they both went for 28 runs. And Stuart Broad went for 35 runs today in an over. It is an over that Stuart Broad never wanted.
83.6 tip and run, nearly run out, 1 

83.5 great hook for 6 

83.4 fell over hitting ball, 4 

83.3 mishit behind him, 4 

83.2 spanks full toss, 4 

83.2 mishit off no-ball, 7 

83.2 nowhere near hitting the wide, 5 

83.1 mishit, 4 

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