S-400 Air difence Russia VS M142 HIMARS Air Difence US

           S-400 VS M142

S-400 Air Difence Missiles 

Some technical peculiarity of S-400 --

#It fixed target detection distance at 600 km.

#Maximum target speed in this missiles are 4.8 km/s /17,000 km/h

#The time between major overhauls - 10,000 hours 

#The number of simultaneously engaged targets at a time - 80 system

#fully ready for operation on a signal from standby -35 sec

#A signal from driving Ready for operation on  on the march - 5 min

#A higher diffence official in Ukrainian has  that Russia’s best powerful air defense system S-400  is unable to disengage rockets linched by the US-made M142 HIMARS.It is a multiple launch rocket system.its also powerful as compared to Russia's S-400.


M142 HIMARS specification-

#In this missiles maximum firing range is 300 km /190 mil & 500 km 310 mil .

#Operational range don't identify this missiles in 480 km 300 mi.

#Maximum speed of this missiles 85 km/h.

                                 S-400 in India         

India cannot buy more powerful weapons from America. They have signed a law that restricts America from selling weapons to other countries. And if India buys the missiles from other countries then it will break this law. So now India has no option but to buy expensive weapons from Russia.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a $5 billion deal this September to buy five S-400 missile defense systems.

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