Presidential election 2022!!!! What is going to happen ???

What is going to happen 21th June ?? 

Daupadi Marmu or Yashwant Sinha! Who is winning in India's 15th presidential election

Let's take a look--- Like every year this year too It was supposed to be like that i.e. Draupadi Marmur, the candidate of the ruling party and the NDA nominee, was supposed to win the election during the regime. However, this time the vote is not only for the ruling party, but most of the opposition votes have fallen in the ruling house. As a result, many speculations have been created in the political circles, which the common people have to understand.Even as several state MLAs have spoken out against the BJP, they have come forward saying that Draupadi Marmui is a worthy candidate for the presidential election. That's why we voted for him. 
The question among the common people now is whether the opposition party is going to break up. Have the opposition party leaders understood that there is no movement in this country without the BJP? The future will tell what will happen. Let's see who's saying what--- The presidential election begins with the first vote of the Prime Minister.
Then, one by one, from the top leaders of the BJP to the various leaders of the opposition, they voted one by one.
In the language of Rajiv Protap Rudy,"Casted my vote in the 2022 PresidentialElection in the Parliament House today. I got the privilege on behalf of the people of Saran to vote for Ms Draupadi Murmu, the First Adivasi Lady and the 15th President of Indian PresidentialElections2022."
In the words of Ajit Dutta,"Hope Yashwant Sinha give us one final meltdown on result day. A completely unhinged one. After that I am guessing we won't to see much of him."

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