PAKISTAN was offered UN security council's permanent member?

 It was claimed by the Pakistani media. According to Pakistan Government, Pakistan blocked the Indian bid to get a permanent UNSC seat. After this statement from Pakistan Government, the Pakistani media claimed that Pakistan offered to beat for UNSC permanent seat by Western countries.

UN Security Council was established in 1945. President of the 76th UN General Assembly Former UN Secretary-General, Dr. Abdullah Shah said at the plenary meeting that the reform of the Security Council is “Warranted and much delayed.”

India’s representative of the UN stated that UN Security Council reform talks could go on for another 75 years.

A Foreign Office official, who requested their anonymity, revealed that some powerful countries encouraged Pakistan to launch its bid for the permanent UNSC seat. However, Pakistan did not want to because they feared betraying. Basically, UFC is a group that is opposed to the expansion of the UNSC.

There was no clearance from western countries about this. It seems to be a propaganda

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