OVERWATCH 2: Release Date & Many More

                   OVERWATCH 2

If you are a fan of the first Person Shooter game, Then this is for you. Blizzard Entertainment  will launch a new game ' Overwatch 2 '  on the 4th October. It's a multiplayer game and it's developers are Blizzard Entertainment. 

At the starting of the game you will receive : Season 1 Premium Battle Pass , 2000 virtual currency of ' Overwatch 2 'and 2 legendary space raiders hero skins. 

You will find the newest heroes Junker Queen and Sojourn . It's a game with new push modes and a fully reimagined 5V5 PVP experience. 

' Overwatch 2 ' will operate as a live game service that brings new maps , features and modes for fighting in the regular sessional format. 

If you purchase the ' Overwatch 2 ' watchpoint pack before October 4 , you will earn an exclusive Overwatch 2 player icon to use at launch. 


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