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Google Doodle honors Balamani Amma, a Malayalam poet, on the occasion of his or her 113th birthday.

On Tuesday, Google created a special doodle to honor legendary Indian poet Balamani Amma's 113th birthday. She is still known in Malayalam poetry as the 'amma' (mother) and 'muthassi' (grandmother).

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Amma was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India's third highest civilian honor, in 1987, the Sahitya Akademi Award for Muthassi in 1965, and the Saraswati Samman for Nivedyam in 1995. Her other well-known works are Amma, Mazhuvinte Katha (The Story of the Axe), and Sandhya. Amma had no formal education and was much influenced by her maternal uncle's literature. She published over 20 poetry books, as well as other things such as translations.

Amma's other influences are Vallathol Narayana Menon, one of the triad poets of modern Malayalam, and Nalapat Narayana Menon. Her elegy was dedicated to Lokantharangalil.

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Amma, in turn, has influenced future generations of Malayalam poets, like Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri. During the Kochi International Book Fair, the Balamani Amma Award, named after her, is presented to writers. Kamala Das, her daughter, would also become a well-known author. Ente Katha (My Story), Das' autobiography, is one of the most widely read and acclaimed works in twentieth-century Indian literature.

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