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Nupur Sharma- Our Research and Analysis

India is going to create a vast history for Muslim country.

The Udaipur massacre was an important event when the conflict started in the political arena due to the BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma. The question is being arised that what's really going on. Is it BJP's factionalism or India's foreign policy?

Hours after Nupur Sharma remarks the Qatar Government made it clear that-"No Indian will be given a ticket in FIFA World Cup 2022." Meanwhile,Qatar has expressed their anger for Saudi Arab's relation with India. Qatar,one of the  largest Oil producer in the world has decided to Boycott Indian product. However, the large part of Qatar business community is Indian. According to a journalist, Qatar has made a new investment to play in the World Cup. Qatar has paint a lot of money on building Road starting from stadiums. Many people say that if Indian do not watch the world cup, FIFA will not be able to gain expected profit in the world cup. So, Qatar will not be able to save its economy, even if they want to .

How many people are wondering Central Government plan for the 2024 election or not? The ruling party has adopted the politics of division,Religion is a tool for the ruling party and they are planning for Hindu-Muslim riots,in the language of the opposition.The head leadership of the Congress has been also targeted by the ruling party as well as the media. In the words of the media, Rahul Gandhi is nly busy to going Disco but not interested on the country. They are sitting with a huge amount of money from the central government, that's why they did not cover the important news of India.Their goal is to get all the seat to BJP in the 24 election. But the people of India are not fool! They know who really wants the best  in India . 

However the ruling party dismissed all this words as a mockery of opposition. They clearly say that, BJP does not support Nupur Sharma's statement . Indian language the BJP is not a communal party. It's the people party.

Meanwhile, Nupur Sharma has been given only z+ security on the condition of death threats. As a result, the question arises as to whether the BJP wants the end of Nupur Sharma controversy.

In other hand, that's when NDTV talking about the arrest of Mohammed Zubair, Kanhaiyalal murder is happening.

A group of analysts recently said that's such a statement by the spokesperson of BJP is applicable to the destruction of the Qatari  economy.

The opposition claims that the conflict is actually happening within the ruling party. The verdict of Justice Surya Kant has raised more doubt in this regard. According to the supreme court,Nupur Sharma is fully responsible for Udaipur massacre . In the words of the court, "All the cases are filled against Nupur Sharma,should be produce in Delhi. The Court  believes that only for this anarchy in the country,Nupur Sharma is only responsible." 

All the leader from the people was shocked in such a verdict of the Central Court. A group of journalists think the ruling party move is to install misconception in opposition mind. This is completely arrange incident.

However in the words of BJP leadership- "The Party never bears responsibility of one, of the party. The people of India are being misunderstood."

However the majority of people claims that the court verdict Nupur Sharma is completely political. Ordinary people will never accept it.

Few hours after the verdict, Sach a picture was captured in Twitter. Nikita Sharma said," the Killing of Hindu is common practice in this country and it has become a fashion to make fun of Hindu God. And if a Hindu woman raise her voice against this, she is said to be responsible for the violence & riots."

Mahendra Pratap Singh said,"Justice Kant is not a judge. He is the face of Islamic terrorist organisation and radical Islam."

However no journalists & analysts has been able to provide full evidence of what's actually happened.

So that the lack of proper evidence in this regard proves that the future will tell what actually happened?

Source- Twitter

Source- Twitter

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