Nintendo Bayonetta 3: Release Date & Many More

Nintendo Bayonetta 3 : Release Date & Many More 

Platinum Games announced that the 3rd sequel of Bayonetta will be released this October. Nintendo recently announced that the 3rd title of this action-adventure video game would release on 28th OCTOBER, 2022. The makers of the Nintendo Switch also released a short trailer of Bayonetta 3 . They also added an option to pre-order the game. 

A Quick Summary Of Nintendo's Bayonetta 3 Based On The Trailer :

Image Source: Nintendo

Bayonetta 3 has new locations like the mountains of China and the streets of Tokyo. Bayonetta encounters witches more formidable than ever who give up on their original quest to wipe out humanity , history and reality as we know it for good. 
The female character fights through the streets as she heads somewhere to find a scientist named " Sigurd " who is supposed to help her. 
When she is facing a mysterious evil , things get complicated and nasty and she can only depend on her time slowing ability and signature weapons.This time she has overcome the Homunculi , the invading artificial bioweapon that has been a pain in her neck in the previous titles. 
Bayonetta comes with a power known as ' 
Demon Masquerade '. By the help of this power she can channel the Demon linked To her weapon of the mysterious evils she has to defeat. This feature allows for some exciting and frightening combos for the player to ensure fascinating action options. 
There is also a new powerful character " Viola" who is a witch armed with a deadly sword backed up by Cheshire , an unpredictable demon.  

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