Next prime minister of UK

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UK Government completely announce that the next United Kingdom general election is scheduled to be held no later than Friday 24 January 2025. Party members select a prime minister for the UK. Well also help them. So general election is not to be possible.

HM government- 

Conservative party -with 358+ sites 

HM Most Loyal Opposition -

Labour party - holding 200+ sites 


Boris Johnson's party continue its own work on 2025.

But Boris Johnson lifts his party. So running party find a new prime minister. 6 people recommend their names for this position.

1)penny Mondayut-

She is the most popular person for this position. But she is not good for India. She holds 22% support (UK)

2)Rishi Sunak- 

Rishi Sunak is the most popular person for this position. And he is also an Indian so he was not dangerous to India. He also holds 20% support (UK).

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