Nasa Post Of A ‘Rainbow-Coloured’ Planet.

 Nasa Recently Share A ‘Rainbow-Coloured’ Planet In His Instagram Handle;

Rainbow Planet
Source -NASA Instagram post

NASA is proving that space scientists are at the top after the James Webb satellite posted a surprising photo in Pluto on their website on Instagram  handle.

This planet is not seen in just one or two colors. Different colors can be seen from different angles such as a slight purple tinge to the left, a red or orange tinge to the bottom, and a green or yellow tinge to the right. As it is a dwarf planet bridge, NASA scientists are also running on the cause of such color change.

Where does the rainbow end? Pluto isn't really a psychedelic riot of colors - this translated color image was created by New Horizons scientists to highlight the many subtle color differences between the planet's distinct regions," NASA published that.

Also added that "Pluto has a complex, varied surface with jumbled mountains reminiscent of Europa, networks of carved-out valleys, old, heavily cratered terrain sitting right next to new, smooth icy plains, and even what might be wind-blown dunes,"

This image of Luto was clicked by the New Horizons space probe in 2006 NASA also said the spacecraft conducted a nearly six-month flyby study of Pluto and its moons in the summer of 2015. Then this scene was again captured by the camera. "The spacecraft continues its exploration of the distant solar system, heading toward the Kuiper Belt."

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