More than 5.4 million Twitter users' data leaked


A Hacker Is Selling Twitter Data Of 5.4 Million People For $30,000: All Details

An attacker obtained contact information for 5.4 million Twitter accounts as a result of a data breach. Twitter confirmed that the data was obtained as a result of a security flaw.

The data, which connects Twitter handles to phone numbers and email addresses, is being sold on a hacking forum for $30,000 USD.

According to a social media researcher, the bug was introduced as a result of an approval process used in the micro-blogging platform's android service user, specifically during the process of checking for multiple copies of a Twitter account (Reuters).

Worse, a hacker is allegedly trying to sell this information on the Breached Web forum for 23.96 lakh rupees.

According to HackerOne, a cyber security watchdog, personal data of users, such as contact numbers and email addresses, is now at risk due to a bug in the database.

As a result, the personal information of users all over the world is at risk of being illegally accessed. Recognizing someone's phone number or email address, according to the report, makes it simple to find their Twitter ID. According to the webpage, even if the user has enabled privacy settings to publicly hide his/her personal information, the details can be accessed.

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