Monkeypox:WHO said,need to ready for fight & India start vaccine manufacture

Monkeypox:quickly it will expose a deadly face & India scientist developing vaccine;


The World Health Organization announced that the outbreak of monkeypox will increase day by day, but ten million doses of vaccine will be needed to get rid of it.

Monkeypox symptoms
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WHO also said 18000 cases of monkeypox are serious,most of the cases are come from Europe.

Virus started-
Monkeypox virus (MPV) was started West African clade in (2017–2019).77 countries & surely 73 countries and affected for this virus.

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Monkeypox: India 
After the announcement by the WHO, concern about monkey fox arose all over the world, the central government of India, like the WHO scientists, ordered Indian scientists to prepare their vaccine with all kinds of equipment to make the monkey fox vaccine. Because India can never have any virus like covid 19 have any impact on developing country like India.

Symphony &prevention 
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For India to beat the virus, the Indian Council of Medical Research has called upon veteran vaccine manufacturers, pharma companies, research and development institutes and in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) kit manufacturers to come together and join this great cause to save the world from this dreaded virus. 

Symptom for this virus:

1) first of all start fever and headache.

2)Swollen lymph nodes 

3)rashes on body and face

4)Muscle and black aches are also on body
                              According to WHO......

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